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Age Appropriate Mommy and Me Outfits

Mommy and me outfits are a wonderful way to bond with your daughter and show family unity.

However, most moms want to "let their kids be kids". We want them to match us, but we don't want to dress them like mini adults.

One of the most important parts of rocking mommy and me looks is ensuring that your little one has age appropriate clothing. @dashelledestiiny pulled this off perfectly.

In this adorable TikTok video , she and her daughter are wearing mommy and me outfits from Shein.

If you want to rock these looks with your daughter, keep reading to find out how.

*This post contains affiliate links.

1. Black Mommy and Me Outfit

This mommy and me outfit is simple and classic. As a matter of fact, you can recreate it with almost any black spaghetti strap bodycon maxi dress.

The Skims Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress in Onyx is a great option. Pretty Little Thing and Amazon have great choices as well.

This mom got hers from SHEIN.

One of the great things about SHEIN is that they offer petite versions of their clothes.

If maxi dresses usually drag at your feet or feel hard to walk in without tripping, then you'll love this dress. You can get the SHEIN BASICS Solid Cami Dress, or the Petite Solid Cami Bodycon Dress to re-create this look.

To recreate this age appropriate mommy and me look with your daughter, you can cop the SHEIN Kids EVRYDAY Toddler Girls One Shoulder Cut Out Dress in Black.

It comes in the color orange too. You can also find it online at Walmart. You should either size down or purchase this dress true to size because the reviews state that it fits loosely at the top.

2. Red Mommy and Me Outfit

For this look, any solid red tube dress with a bit of stretch will do.

Customers who left reviews on this SHEIN SXY Solid Tube Bodycon Dress said that the material is thick and that it made them feel confident and comfortable.

You can also try this option from Kikiriki.

If you're not into the bodycon look, and you want something a little less form fitting, this plus size midi dress is a great choice.

In fact, Walmart is a great place to find a cute yet affordable midi sundress too!

The age appropriate toddler version of this look is the SHEIN Kids EVRYDAY Toddler Girls Button Detail Cami Dress. If your daughter is up to around 14 years old, you can find a button down, A line spaghetti strap dress for older girls here.

And of course, you can also find versions of this dress on Amazon.

3. Orange Mommy and Me Outfit

The color Orange is usually associated with optimism and energy. That makes it a great color to wear with your mini me.

If you're looking for a version of this mommy and me outfit that covers your shoulders, this Ruffle Trim Midi dress from Karen Millen is classic.

It's currently sold out. Fingers crossed that they'll get it back in stock. If not, it's available in multiple sizes on this site.

In Dashelle's video, she's rocking the Mermaid Hem Ruffle Trim Dress from SHEIN BAE

SHEIN has a lot of pretty orange dresses with ruffles for little girls. Their Kids Ruffle Trim Bow Front Dress is what's featured in the video.

There are a number of alternatives out there, but you have to be sure to get the shade right.

In this video, the orange mommy and me look is in a darker shade most resembling burnt orange or tangerine.

4. Beige Mommy and Me Outfit

Crochet Halter Dresses are really great for swimsuit coverups at the beach or pool.

Shorts sets like this one are a summer favorite. Not only are they adorable, but they're comfy and convenient too.

And we've GOT to show love to boy moms. This toddler outfit will look so adorable on your little guy.

5. Khaki Mommy and Me Outfit

You can re-create this look with this Tie Front Ruched Cami Dress from SHEIN.

And if you need a bit more support or coverage on top, you can try this Ribbed Side Slit Maxi Tank Dress From Rainbow.

You can get a two for one deal with this unitard set. It's great in the Summer, but it can transition to the Fall with a cute denim jacket or oversized button down blouse.

Mommy and Me Goals

It's always a vibe when moms can find a way to coordinate mommy and me looks in every color. Which color is your favorite?


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