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The Oil Stain Hack You Need To Save Your Clothes

Oil Stain Removal Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Have you ever gotten a mysterious oil stain on your clothes that you just couldn't get out? Have you had to throw out one of your favorite items of clothing because of it?

Or maybe you're a toddler mom that wants to save your kid's clothes from their messy eating. If so, then this easy hack from @iamthecurlguru will change up the game.

Here is an oil stain hack you need to save your wardrobe.

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If you've had trouble getting stubborn oil stains out in the past, then you are NOT alone.

After being up for only a day, this viral TikTok video had more than 300,000 likes, 90,000 saves and shares, and 3,000 comments.

Most of the feedback on her post was super positive and appreciative.

In the video, she shows a giant oil stain she got from eating clumsily at Carrabba's, a popular Italian grill. After using the hack, the stain completely disappears! Amazing, right?!

Many people claimed that she is a genius, especially since she shared that this method worked on 3 month old stain.

Traditional methods like dish soap typically only work on new oil stains--that is, if they even work at all.

This hack will definitely make your laundry day a bit easier!

Here's how to use dry shampoo to remove oil stains from your clothes:

1. Spray the dry shampoo directly on the stain

2. Allow to sit for about an hour

3. Brush off the excess powder an enjoy a stain-free outfit!

In the video, she used this brand of dry shampoo. It's easy, mess free, and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance without a bunch of residue. Just spray and go.

Why Does Dry Shampoo Work To Remove Oil Stains?

This brand of Dry shampoo is scientifically formulated to absorb excess oil and odor without talc or aluminum.

Amika is a professional salon quality hair care company, and many Tik Tok users stated that it was a bit too pricey for them to waste on an oil stain, or even purchase at all.

This brand has more affordable options available.

Are There Any Other Ways To Remove An Oil Stain From Clothing?

If you don't have any dry shampoo on hand, or you want to save money, then try using baby powder or cornstarch instead.

Never Let Stains Ruin Your Clothes Again

Would you try this hack? Comment below and let us know! Follow us @blackmomsmatch for more clothing tips and tricks in our Instagram stories!


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